How to Get Free Cryptocurrency: 5 Best Methods

Anaz Ima
Anaz Ima June 22, 2022
Updated 2023/04/05 at 4:27 AM

When it comes to value, everyone loves freebies. Bitcoin is now everyone’s dream and the latest trend in finance. However, it isn’t cheap because, like everything else, it comes at a price. But don’t worry, there are a lot of companies offering free cryptocurrencies to attract new consumers.

Here we will share the 5 best ways to get free cryptocurrency. Utilize this opportunity to get some cryptocurrencies for free (don’t worry about mining anymore).

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency (Without mining): 5 Best Methods


Shopping Bonuses

Lolli is a Firefox or Google Chrome extension that offers “Bitcoin Back” when you make purchases from its retailers. In the event that you incur a loss, you will receive Bitcoins as compensation. When shopping online, using browser extensions like Rakuten or Honey might make it simpler to obtain cash back and discounts. The same principles apply to this. You receive money back when you use real money to purchase items on Lolli. This is how it goes. When you buy cryptocurrency, you don’t get a refund for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

It all depends on the product and the store. On Lolli, a website for shopping, you will find retailers like Nike, Sephora, and Malaysia Airlines. Rewards in Bitcoin might be anything from 1% back to 30% back. When someone wins, their winnings are deposited into their Lolli account, which they may then transfer to a crypto wallet or exchange account.


By Installing Crypto Wallets

Yes, you can get free crypto tokens just for downloading and installing the app. Here are some of the top multi-cryptocurrency wallets as well as instructions on how to obtain free tokens. You may keep your cryptocurrencies safely with the help of these wallets. There are listed the following wallets:


Trust Wallet (Get 100 TWT Token Free)

Download the Trust Wallet app.

Create an account and set up your wallet.

There will now be a pop-up window. To redeem your referral and get 100 TWT tokens, click “OK”.

Try again by clicking on this referral link if you don’t see the pop-up. 100 TWT tokens will be given to you.

You can receive 100 TWT tokens for each referral.

Atomic Wallet (Get 15 Atomic Wallet Coins (AWC) for free)

Install Atomic Wallet after downloading it.

Access Settings > Airdrop.

To obtain 15 free AWC coins, enter your email address.

To increase your earnings, share your referral link with your friends and relatives.


Best survey platform for free bitcoins

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are all accepted on Physical currencies are also accepted. People can easily use to earn $100 or more each month. The registration process is easy to follow. The site pays you in the currency you prefer when you take surveys on different businesses. You’ll need to invest a lot of time if you want to receive $1,000 worth of free cryptocurrency from Freecash.


Free NFTs

The people who invite the most people to NFT projects may occasionally receive an NFT from the project’s developers. To be eligible for free NFTs, follow these easy steps: There are several opportunities to win NFTs on Twitter if you type “giveaway” into the search field. You must first follow a certain Twitter account and retweet one of its tweets in order to be eligible to win an NFT.



To draw attention to their brand-new coins, developers often offer airdrops. The developers conduct giveaways. Airdrops are considered the riskiest way to obtain free cryptocurrency. Experts suggest that people who are new to cryptocurrency should only invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The developers will announce the airdrops on social media and on the company website. You can also find news related to airdrops on prominent cryptocurrency-based news websites. You should also be aware of the hackers, that’s why experts suggest sticking with the big leagues.

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